I fell in love the way you fell asleep. Slowly then all at once.
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I love these boys so much. They’ve helped me get through struggles in my life and soon I’ll be able to see them live. 
I love them. And even though they don’t know me, I know they love me too. They love all of us. 
Its been an amazing four years now and I know there are many more to come. :)
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It’s not just that he admires your smile from far away (although he does), it’s the way you smile at everyone everywhere you walk/go. Niall could watch you going to pick up your order or into a store and see how you simply smile at everyone and how you look so friendly. He…


Awoken Despair by alexandredeschaumes


I wish my face was clear ….

I wish I had an thin body 

I wish I wasn’t ugly .

I wish I was pretty ..

I wish I was worth your time 

I wish somebody text me an ” Good Morning Beautiful and Good Night Beautiful “ 

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